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In recent weeks I have started to paint the teams of the NFL. I've never really watched that much American Football, as we call it in England.

It's been a real eye opener doing my research on the teams, locations and stadia. I was firstly surprised at the age of the stadia in use. Only 4 of the 32 teams of the NFL play in a stadium older than myself (1974). 19 of the 32 teams play in stadia constructed in this millennium.

The vast majority of the stadiums are what would be classed as new 'out of town' developments. The amount of land that the stadium complex is sited upon is huge. There aren't any Victorian era grounds surrounded by residential terrace housing put it that way. The clubs own so much land surrounding the stadia that when teams wish to upgrade the facilities and increase capacity it's not uncommon for them to construct a new stadium in the carpark then demolish the old one when the new one is finished being built.

So far I've painted 5 stadiums and I'm really enjoying it. It's nice to do something different architecturally and culturally. These are the teams I've painted so far.

The teams are as listed below

Chicago Bears

Jacksonville Jaguars

Minnesota Vikings

New Orleans Saints

San Francisco 49ers

For some reason this gallery grid has cropped the pictures so they are square in shape. To see the full rectangular picture please click on each painting and it shall expand to reveal the full picture or click this link. to see the gallery on the website with all the documented details of each painting.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my latest work. I shall have more to show in the forthcoming weeks. None of this work has been to the printers for scanning and proofing yet so framed prints are not currently available. I expect them to be available during the summer (Possibly July 2023)

Best wishes


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