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"Retro Red Devils" Manchester United F.C, Old Trafford

In the past few weeks I have started painting some former league football grounds and retro views of grounds which Ive really enjoyed doing. They will start going into print in the next few months. This is a 1970's view of Old Trafford. It's turned out really well.

Ive attempted to tailor the supporters in some 70's type fashions so I've included some browns and orange and flared some trousers! It would have been brilliant visiting Old Trafford 50 years ago. Located on Salford Quays the area would have been a scene of hustle and bustle, Countless ships completing their navigation of the Manchester Ship Canal to be unloaded at Manchester Docks. Ive compiled quite a bit of image research so there will be plenty more 'old stuff' cropping up for the foreseeable future.

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