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"Salzburg Saunter" RB Salzburg, Red Bull Arena.

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Thought It was time to paint my first Austrian football ground. Id never known too much about the club and was intrigued by the growing portfolio of sporting clubs owned or sponsored by the Red Bull drinks company. Its not all good reading in my opinion as Red Bull took over the club in 2005 and seem to have had little sentiment or respect for the clubs history. They basically wanted to wipe the history of the club saying it was founded in 2005 (not approved by the Austrian F.A), change the club colour from violet to red and even the club badge. Im not sure how that went down with the clubs supporters.

I quite like how its turned out. It's not the most inspiring stadium but for a new build its not too bad and most probably a very practical facility.

It's back to the National League for my next painting. It maybe a week or so away as I have a lot of mounting and framing which needs to be done to replenish stocks for the Christmas shopping rush.

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