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Matchday in Monte Carlo

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Ive finished my painting of A.S Monaco F.C's Stade Louis II. Its a strange kind of stadium which is befitting of Monte Carlo as that's a strange kind of place. Shoehorned into the principality it dually functions as a sports stadium inside and residential dwellings and offices on the exterior.

Its turned out reasonably well and captures the essence of summer in the Mediterranean. Too many colours in use though for my liking. I'm generally less keen on paintings that use every colour under the sun. I've probably used a 30 colour palette

As well as his subject matter L.S Lowry only used a 5 colour palette so I think the limited range of shades he mixed appealed to my taste. Ive listed Lowry's colour palette below

Ivory Black


Prussian Blue

Yellow Ochre

Flake White

Coming next. not sure,

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