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Half The World Away.

I've sold my work all over the World but I was particularly impressed and proud to discover one of my Burnley F.C framed Prints was being purchased by Tom Greenwood of the Burnley Supporters Club in New Zealand!

I was astonished when told the group try and get together twice yearly and about 30 of their members would be attending the next meeting in Wellington. The framed print will be star prize in the raffle! I really hope the winner enjoys the prize.

I think it's absolutely fantastic such supporters clubs exist as its always great to share time and experiences with others with a mutual interest. I'm not always the biggest fan of social media but when you consider the remoteness of this supporters club its invaluable to its existence and a good news story for a change. If you would like to keep abreast of New Zealand Clarets news you can find them on Facebook. NZ Clarets.

I wish each and every one of its members good luck in the raffle and a great season. You're a real credit to Burnley F.C!

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