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Buoyant Berliners

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Ive finished my painting of Berlins Olympiastadion over the first part of Christmas. Its been great to get on with some artwork without interruptions and other jobs to do.

The composition Ive chosen featuring the entrance gate towers makes the venue unmistakable. The Olympiastadion in Berlin Is definitely an iconic stadium. It was built for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The original Olympiastadion was due to be renovated for the event but the Newley empowered Nazi party under Hitler wanted to showcase their ambitions and the Olympiastadion and accompanying swimming pool complex were built. The building, especially the gate towers still hold sinister connotations.

Im really pleased how my painting has turned out. Painting an architectural icon always helps .

Coming next; AS Monaco FC Stade Louis II.

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