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"A Crash of Rhinos" Leeds Rhinos Rugby League F.C, Headingley Stadium.

Merry Christmas to you! Ive been painting over Christmas with the tv on, intermittently looking up to catch a glimpse of the customary 'Carry On' films and Italian Job, etc etc.

This is my second rugby league painting. I have to say Leeds Rhinos' stadium at Headingley has changed quite a bit since I saw It last. I was at Headingley to watch an Ashes test and decided to do for a leg stretch. You were able to walk directly through the stand and into the rugby ground in those days. I had a good walk round the whole stadium and pitch without anyone batting an eyelid.

It's turned out well. I accidentally spilt some dirty water on the sky after rinsing a brush and didn't remove it instantly so a hot air ballon has flown into shot to cover it up!

Puppo cat looking to find himself in the picture.

I shall be looking to start the next rugby ground tonight so I must get on and do some research. Hope you enjoy the next few days of Christmas.

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