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"Sedulous Salfordians" Salford Red Devils R.L.F.C, A.J Bell Stadium.

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Happy new year! Here is my first painting to be completed in 2021. Let's hope that its going to a better year for everybody.

I went to university in Salford. During my time there I visited The Willows, former home to Salford RLFC on numerous occasions but Ive never been to a match at the new ground. One of my friends rented a room in an old victorian house which backed onto The Willows. It was more dilapidated than the rugby ground.

I'm very pleased with the end result. In addition to Puppo cat I've added a bottle of Vimto to the scene. For a time Salford was home to Vimto and still remains a very popular drink in the city/region.

Ive got my first orders of 2021 to pack now so I shall do those then start thinking about what's coming next. Stay safe.

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