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Moor Lane Domain.

Im finishing my run of EFL clubs by re-completing the 92 with this painting of Moor Lane, home to Salford City.

I studied Design at The University of Salford so I was keen to combine my stay with some best friends in Manchester with a hike across town to Salford and see how some substantial investment had been spent.

I was certainly shocked and very impressed with what a fantastic job they have made of redeveloping Moor Lane. Ive added some photos I took on my recce. With numerous trade teams still at work on the stadium I gained full access.

Its great to see some nice little details like the club badge lions head incorporated into the railings and floodlights and a decent bit of landscaping too. Going the extra mile is added value in my opinion. Credit to all those involved!

Here is my finished painting of the new stadium. I think Ive captured it pretty well. I hope you think the same. I should have prints available in the next month or so.

If you a considering travelling as an away supporter its well worth a visit. Reasonably priced too and only 10-15 minutes on the bus from Manchester City centre.

Coming next AFC Ajax. Hopefully an end to garden sheds and portacabins for this one.

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