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Glistening Goldie.

A temporary break from the football artwork has resulted in this picture of Goldie Boathouse, the ex headquarters of the Cambridge University Boat Club. Its an itch I've wanted to scratch for over a year and as its The Boat Race in 2 weeks I thought it apt to cross it off the list.

Goldie Boathouse, built in 1882 is one of my favorite examples of Victorian architecture in the city. Its tranquil setting on the bank of the river Cam alongside all the other college boathouses only enhances my love for it. Its well proportioned stance and combination of decorative terracotta moldings, joinery and plasterwork are an illustration of what

can be achieved when an institution with deep pockets wanted something building..

I've loved painting this picture so much that I plan to paint a lot more scenes I have a fascination and liking of. I've used some artistic licence putting boat crews in the image as the university crew are now based in Ely but I don't care about that.

Coming next Annan Athletic FC

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