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"Breathtaking Braga" Braga F.C, Braga Municipal Stadium.

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Ive always loved this stadium. It's totally unique in the way that its located inside a disused stone quarry and one end of the ground has an almost sheer vertical cliff. Although the stadium only has two stands it still has a capacity of over 30k. The stands themselves are out of the ordinary. The roof of each stand are cantilevered and are connected to each other with the use of steel cables running 50 metres above the pitch in order to support each others weight.

Ive tried to capture some of these elements within my painting. its not easy to fully feature the roof quarry and cast concrete stands all in one composition but you at least get a hint of it hopefully.

Its' back to the National Leagues for my next picture. Im sure It won't be long until I'm adding to my blog. Until then take care.

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